A red gold that when cooked transforms into a golden yellow, saffron is another jewel of our region. After being actively cultivated in France in the 18th century, the production of this spice experienced an irreversible decline after the French Revolution. With our deep commitment and love of the land, we felt we had to revive the lost art of saffron cultivation which can only be harvested by hand.

Saffron’s virtues are multiple: in the kitchen, a sort of alchemy occurs during each preparation, and it also has ​a great many​nutritional and health benefits, it’s an approved antioxidant to name but a few. At L’Or des Anges we only sell the individual filaments which is a guaranteed sign of authenticity and quality.




L’Or des Anges: Production and marketing of truffles. Production of saffron in Dordogne.
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