The Angels


The family business specialises in high-end homemade products inspired by local ingredients known as (le terroir), that lets us transform our passion for everything gourmet into a way of life.
For three generations, two jewels of the Périgord: the Black Diamond (truffle) and Red Gold (saffron), have been cultivated here at Le Repaire.
These top-of-the-range products are aimed at our discerning customer base of Michelin star chefs,luxury hotels and for those connoisseurs who desire to discover new distinctive combinations of flavours.


Le Repaire has been in Alexandra’s family for over three hundred years. Situated in a typical age-old hamlet deep in the heart of the Périgord, with its forests of oak trees, farming communities and verdant countryside, is also well known as a region of excellent gourmet food.
Through chance meetings, with a love of the land and refined fresh fare, Le Repaire has become a place where the culture of the black truffle marries with that of saffron.



Alexandra, ‘the Lady of the House’, grew up at Le Repaire. After many years living in Paris and travelling all over the world, she decided to come back to her roots in the Périgord. She has a genuine love of the wonderful traditional Périgordine products, to the point that she is constantly striving to create new enchanting delicacies to delight your tastebuds.




L’Or des Anges: Production and marketing of truffles. Production of saffron in Dordogne.
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