The Angel’s Jam

From dreams and passion can also come jams. Simply add some fruit and sugar. Be they a classic, like the jam made from Périgord strawberries, or just creative, with dandelion flowers or from the Charentais melon, our jams can become a part of your daily routine.
All our jams are made in traditional copper saucepans in small quantities without pectin, gelling agent or preservatives,and enhanced with our own excellent saffron.
This ensures a unique taste of traditional jam.

Apricot, saffron
Pineapple, mango and saffron
Confit of dandelion flowers with saffron
Strawberry, rhubarb and elderflower
Strawberry and saffron
Poppy flower jelly with saffron

Melon, sweet orange and saffron
Mirabelle plum with saffron
Seville orange
Grapefruit, apple, honey and saffron
Prune d’Ente plum, walnuts and saffron
An Angel passes by…




L’Or des Anges: Production and marketing of truffles. Production of saffron in Dordogne.
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